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Experience the benefits and differences of an expert restaurant cleaning service through our tailored services that will suit your business needs.


Our restaurant cleaning team is full of experienced cleaners who follow the Core process

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We are here to make cleaning the restaurant worthwhile. See for yourself the greatest return on your investment with us.

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When it comes to restaurant cleaning, Core Cleaning has the knowledge, tools, and experience to provide you the best value.

What our restaurant cleaning service includes

Personalized Restaurant Cleaning Melbourne

We aim to customize our restaurant kitchen cleaning services to each unique project because various restaurants will have distinct demands. Thus, we will clean your restaurant to satisfy your needs and produce the most satisfactory results.

Our team will examine your business premise and decide what would work best after receiving extensive training and expertise. Then, we’ll offer quick and effective restaurant deep cleaning services.

Office cleaning services

Specialist restaurant cleaning Melbourne

In business, appearance is everything. You want your clients to concentrate on your excellent customer service and delectable food and beverages rather than on stains or crumbs from the day before. As part of our restaurant cleaning services, our cleaning specialists, who have an eye for detail, will eliminate any sign of the previous day's activities, allowing you to welcome your visitors into a clean and welcoming environment.

Core cleaning Services

Our operations are carried out according to the applicable regulations and standards. We take the safety of our employees and clients very seriously.

A clean and well-maintained commercial space reflects the quality of culture that prevails inside. Let your interiors exemplify your true identity. 

With our professional cleaning and maintenance facilities, we ensure your premises breathe the values of an organised system and hygiene. 

We offer professional property management facilities to all commercial spaces across Australia. Our operations are carried out according to the applicable regulations and standards. We take the safety of our employees and clients very seriously. 

No compromise on the quality of service is what keeps us going. Adherence to our values and motto has made us the best in our field. 

Because we take care of your facility like our own.

Core Facility Services is determined to deliver what clients expect precisely. Each professional member of the team understands the company’s vision to conduct each service with equal fidelity and standards. 

Not only our work approach is technologically updated but adheres to environmental factors as well. Our team performs each job keeping sustainability and innovation in mind. 

What Our Clients Have to Say

"Adam showed up on time, did the job quickly, and was polite and professional. Would definitely use again."
"Jon fixed some cleaning issues that I couldn't handle on my own. He was professional, courteous and worked quickly."

Why hire expert restaurant cleaners

Commercial kitchen cleaning specialist Melbourne

Core cleaning services has the expertise and the advanced skills to efficiently and effectively clean the premises in Melbourne.

Impress your customers more

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For us, it goes much further than cleaning in line with our dedication to providing a clean environment for our customers.

Melbourne’s restaurant cleaning service 

We can take care of all your commercial cleaning needs, including thoroughly washing kitchenware, removing food residue from surfaces, and correctly organizing tables and cutlery. 

We guarantee that your restaurant will appear spotless and flawless after using our professional cleaning services in Melbourne, enabling you to impress new and repeat customers.

Experience in restaurant cleaning

Let our restaurant cleaning services relieve you of the burden of maintaining a clean, sanitary, and attractive pub or restaurant.

When it comes to eating and drinking establishments, people have very high expectations for hygiene and cleanliness, which can be challenging to uphold because these are frequently the settings with the most uncleanliness risk.

Restaurant patrons and customers place a high priority on cleanliness. It stands for excellence in work, good health, and customer service.  Let us professionally clean the mess for you!

 To maintain cleanliness, restaurant bathrooms should be cleaned and disinfected twice daily (during the day and at closing), detailed once per week, and checked every 15 minutes. The condition of the restrooms may make or break a dining experience.

The cleanliness of each guest's dining space is almost as crucial as serving the appropriate meal. It demonstrates your concern and desire for your patrons' enjoyment while they are dining. Making a strong first impression on guests and fostering client loyalty both depend on a clean business.

While chlorine and other bleaching chemicals are undeniably useful in the fight against dangerous germs and food poisoning, health and safety inspectors are now warning against using them to decontaminate food preparation surfaces and cooking equipment.

The kitchen floor should ideally be cleaned at the end of each shift, which includes breakfast, lunch, and supper.

Since even a small amount of residual soil can cause an unpleasant odour or encourage the growth of bacteria, keeping your mop immaculately clean is crucial. After mopping, quickly rinse the mophead in a pail of clean, hot (but not boiling) water to maintain yours in good condition.