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When it comes to gym cleaning, Core Cleaning has the knowledge, tools, and experience to provide you the best value.

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Maintaining a spotless fitness center is essential to providing all users with a clean workout area. It offers a healthy setting for a demanding workout and motivates members to return or recommend your facility to their friends and family.

People anticipate a healthy environment in gyms and fitness clubs. With the help of gym cleaning services, it is possible to maintain the cleanliness of every gym section, including the training area, flooring, and restrooms giving your clients the best experience while they exercise.

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Fitness Center Cleaning Services Melbourne

Our professionally educated and certified cleaning staff provides prompt and effective gym cleaning services. No matter the type of cleaning project, our skilled cleaners are here around-the-clock to assist you in the best way possible. We work hard to give our esteemed customers outstanding customer service.

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Our operations are carried out according to the applicable regulations and standards. We take the safety of our employees and clients very seriously.

A clean and well-maintained commercial space reflects the quality of culture that prevails inside. Let your interiors exemplify your true identity. 

With our professional cleaning and maintenance facilities, we ensure your premises breathe the values of an organised system and hygiene. 

We offer professional property management facilities to all commercial spaces across Australia. Our operations are carried out according to the applicable regulations and standards. We take the safety of our employees and clients very seriously. 

No compromise on the quality of service is what keeps us going. Adherence to our values and motto has made us the best in our field. 

Because we take care of your facility like our own.

Core Facility Services is determined to deliver what clients expect precisely. Each professional member of the team understands the company’s vision to conduct each service with equal fidelity and standards. 

Not only our work approach is technologically updated but adheres to environmental factors as well. Our team performs each job keeping sustainability and innovation in mind. 

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"Adam showed up on time, did the job quickly, and was polite and professional. Would definitely use again."
"Jon fixed some cleaning issues that I couldn't handle on my own. He was professional, courteous and worked quickly."

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Core cleaning services has the expertise and the advanced skills to efficiently and effectively clean the premises in Melbourne.

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For us, it goes much further than cleaning in line with our dedication to providing a clean environment for our customers.

Professional Gym Cleaning Services Melbourne

We have a team of skilled cleaners committed to going above and beyond your expectations when it comes to offering high-quality commercial cleaning services in Melbourne. We provide adaptable cleaning services for fitness centers so that we may follow your schedule.

Since so many people use the same facility, cleaning every square inch of your gym equipment is a big undertaking. Without sacrificing the caliber of the tools and cleaning agents utilized, we provide gym cleaning and building cleaning in Melbourne at an affordable price. You will receive services that are specifically designed for your location.

Watch the humidity levels at your gym, especially in the locker area, since moisture in the air can make aromas linger. Due to sweating athletes and showers, locker rooms are sometimes the most humid areas in a gym. Pools and steam rooms both have high humidity levels.

Cleaning using an all-purpose cleanser and then following up with a disinfectant spray is the best method for keeping gym equipment clean. Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner is less harmful to the steel, rubber, and vinyl components of your exercise equipment.

Usage a disinfectant wipe to clean weight benches, bars, and weights before and after each use to keep them clean. Vodka, rubbing alcohol, or distilled white vinegar can be used to sterilise exercise equipment if you don't want to use a commercial disinfectant.

When you visit the gym, it's crucial to clean your equipment before using it. On average, there were 79 times more germs on an exercise bike than a water faucet. There were 362 times more germs in free weights than in a public restroom.

The water, salts, and caustic chemicals that make up our perspiration are exceedingly corrosive. Therefore, perspiration can result in rust, which eventually causes harm to the metal parts of your workout machines.