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We will help you preserve the beauty of your driveways, through our professional driveway cleaning services.


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We are here to make cleaning your driveways worthwhile. See for yourself the greatest return on your investment with us.

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When it comes to driveways cleaning, Core Cleaning has the knowledge, tools, and experience to provide you the best value.

How we clean your driveways

Driveway cleaning expert Melbourne

You park your car on your driveway, yet it frequently gets dirty from tyre marks, oil spills, grime, grease, and dirt. You may get professional assistance from our educated and experienced specialists to handle these issues.

The easiest approach to keep your driveway in its natural form and lengthen its lifespan is to use driveway cleaning services. Only professional-grade cleaning products and equipment made for such surfaces and locations can remove the accumulation of small dust grains and filth.

Driveway cleaning services

Driveway cleaning Melbourne

Core Cleaning Services will help you restore your driveway into a new-like condition.

Office cleaning services

Our operations are carried out according to the applicable regulations and standards. We take the safety of our employees and clients very seriously.

A clean and well-maintained commercial space reflects the quality of culture that prevails inside. Let your interiors exemplify your true identity. 

With our professional cleaning and maintenance facilities, we ensure your premises breathe the values of an organised system and hygiene. 

We offer professional property management facilities to all commercial spaces across Australia. Our operations are carried out according to the applicable regulations and standards. We take the safety of our employees and clients very seriously. 

No compromise on the quality of service is what keeps us going. Adherence to our values and motto has made us the best in our field. 

Because we take care of your facility like our own.

Core Facility Services is determined to deliver what clients expect precisely. Each professional member of the team understands the company’s vision to conduct each service with equal fidelity and standards. 

Not only our work approach is technologically updated but adheres to environmental factors as well. Our team performs each job keeping sustainability and innovation in mind. 

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"Adam showed up on time, did the job quickly, and was polite and professional. Would definitely use again."
"Jon fixed some cleaning issues that I couldn't handle on my own. He was professional, courteous and worked quickly."

Why driveway cleaning services are important

Effective driveway cleaning company Melbourne

Core cleaning services has the expertise and the advanced skills to efficiently and effectively clean the premises in Melbourne.

Driveways should not be overlooked

Professional driveway cleaning services

For us, it goes much further than cleaning in line with our dedication to providing a clean environment for our customers.

A clean driveways improve your property look

Increase your home’s curb appeal by making the exterior even more inviting and beautiful for guests. Hard stains and markings are impossible to remove using conventional cleaning techniques. Our cleaners will assist you in identifying the finest cleaning options to restore the pavers’ brand-new appearance. Increase the pavement’s longevity and provide crack and break protection.

Experience in driveways cleaning

Driveways are frequently damaged by things like oil stains and other automobile fluids. They penetrate the driveway’s surface deeply. Black markings created by tires will be noticed on the surface. The stains aren’t actually permanent, despite the fact that you might believe they are. It is best to utilize a high-pressure cleaning service for such challenging to clean regions.

High pressure cleaning is a part of driveway cleaning services, and it is a quick and affordable solutions to enhance the outside of your house. Injurious bacteria, mold, and mildew won’t be able to thrive as a result.

Pressure washing is a difficult and serious task, so you badly need an expert assistance to finish the job. Allow us to do the the driveway cleaning for you!

Pressure washing your driveway should be done at least once each year. This will prevent dirt from adhering to the surface, allowing you to wash it as often as you need during the year to keep it in top condition.

Yes. Concrete surface may be weakened by power cleaning. Even light-duty power washers can run with water pressure high enough to cause apparent damage. Therefore, if you don't take care, you might harm your patio or driveway permanently.

Use a pressure washer set to 2500 psi and some detergent to break up grime if you want to pressure wash your driveways quickly. You can target specific areas with the nozzle to remove stains if they are very difficult to remove. By hiring driveway pressure washer service specialists, you may do the task more quickly and with confidence.

The primary distinction between the two cleaning methods is that pressure washing only uses hot tap water without the use of a heating element, whereas power washing employs highly pressured steam.

Although pressured water may be sufficient to clean your driveway, cleaning chemicals like soap or detergent assist in dislodging all the filth, oil, and debris. They work well for removing tough stains as well. Select a cleaning substance designed especially for your driveway pressure washer.