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We are dedicated to assisting physicians and medical centres around Melbourne in adding value to your businesses by providing a healthy and safe atmosphere for their patients


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When it comes to medical cleaning services, Core Cleaning has the knowledge, tools, and experience to provide you the best value.

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Expert Medical Cleaning Melbourne

Maintaining regular high cleanliness standards that prevent the spread of illness has never been more critical than now. Our competence in cleaning for medical institutions such as hospitals and clinic includes surface disinfection and bio-hazard cleaning by strict clinical regulations. Our primary focus is on detail hospital cleaning and infection control

We believe that small details will make a difference in the health, safety, and well-being of your patients, visitors, and employees. We do this because we feel it is crucial to look after individuals, much as when you go to extraordinary measures to care for each patient.

Healthcare cleaning services

Healthcare Cleaning Services Melbourne

All of our employees are personally trained and have years of expertise; we do not use students or contractors to clean the facilities of our valued clients. We exclusively hire and educate expert cleaners who are devoted to the duty of cleaning medical facilities in Melbourne.

Medical Cleaning Services - Melbourne cleaners

Our operations are carried out according to the applicable regulations and standards. We take the safety of our employees and clients very seriously.

A clean and well-maintained commercial space reflects the quality of culture that prevails inside. Let your interiors exemplify your true identity. 

With our professional cleaning and maintenance facilities, we ensure your premises breathe the values of an organised system and hygiene. 

We offer professional property management facilities to all commercial spaces across Australia. Our operations are carried out according to the applicable regulations and standards. We take the safety of our employees and clients very seriously. 

No compromise on the quality of service is what keeps us going. Adherence to our values and motto has made us the best in our field. 

Because we take care of your facility like our own.

Core Facility Services is determined to deliver what clients expect precisely. Each professional member of the team understands the company’s vision to conduct each service with equal fidelity and standards. 

Not only our work approach is technologically updated but adheres to environmental factors as well. Our team performs each job keeping sustainability and innovation in mind. 

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"Adam showed up on time, did the job quickly, and was polite and professional. Would definitely use again."
"Jon fixed some cleaning issues that I couldn't handle on my own. He was professional, courteous and worked quickly."

Benefits of Medical Cleaning Services

Reliable healthcare facilities cleaning Services

Core cleaning services has the expertise and the advanced skills to efficiently and effectively clean the premises in Melbourne.

A safe place for your patients

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For us, it goes much further than cleaning in line with our dedication to providing a clean environment for our customers.

Medical Cleaning Services Melbourne

Medical cleaning differs from commercial cleaning in Melbourne. Commercial cleaning services are used to remove dirt, grease, and spills from schools, banks, and businesses. Hospitals harboring harmful germs, on the other hand, are medically sanitized. Body fluids, saline, and other potentially infectious wastes must be handled separately.

Aside from the importance of hygiene, having clean medical facilities and clinic  creates a quiet and caring environment in which your patients may put their faith. Although medical facilities may and do get filthy faster than most other places, an unprofessional look is unacceptable. You can rely on our expert cleaners to respond immediately to medical facilities cleaning crises and to complete thorough cleaning on time.

The most often used high-traffic places in medical offices are faucets, cabinets, seats, and sinks. The same is true of specialized spaces like X-ray rooms or operating rooms. Focus your cleaning efforts in the reception area on the phones, computers, clipboards, door handles, and counters.

Any professional atmosphere needs to practice good germ management. But a medical office should pay particular attention to it. The rationale is that there is always a chance of cross-contamination in an office setting. However, regular cleaning with the appropriate tools and supplies can greatly lower the danger of cross-contamination.

Cleaning involves removing soils from surfaces, such as dirt and dust. Sanitizing involves cleaning surfaces of microorganisms. Killing hazardous germs and viruses from surfaces is known as disinfecting.

Effective disinfection requires clean objects or surfaces; relying solely on a disinfectant without physical cleaning is not advised. Always physically clean surfaces or things before disinfection is necessary with a detergent solution, either alone or in combination with a disinfectant.