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We are committed to helping you keep a clean and welcoming bank by providing a specialized bank cleaning service. 


Our bank cleaning team is full of experienced cleaners who follow the Core process

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We are here to make cleaning bank facilities worthwhile. See for yourself the greatest return on your investment with us.

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When it comes to bank space cleaning, Core Cleaning has the knowledge, tools, and experience to provide you the best value.

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Melbourne’s expert bank cleaning service you can trust

Providing a cleaning service for a financial institution has the most delicate responsibility.  Security will take the top rank on your list of priorities, and trust will play a role. In this aspect, you will never go wrong with Core Cleaning Services Melbourne. 

We guarantee that we are trustworthy enough to take on both small and large projects. We only employ the most trusted bank cleaners. Our commercial cleaners receive unmatched training from us, and we give them in-depth business training.

Melbourne bank cleaning service

Bank Cleaners Melbourne

Since banks are one of the most often visited locations, it is crucial to have well-kept, hygienic banks. By trusting Core Cleaning Services Melbourne you can ensure the health and well-being of your bank's staff and customers.

Office cleaning services

Our operations are carried out according to the applicable regulations and standards. We take the safety of our employees and clients very seriously.

A clean and well-maintained commercial space reflects the quality of culture that prevails inside. Let your interiors exemplify your true identity. 

With our professional cleaning and maintenance facilities, we ensure your premises breathe the values of an organised system and hygiene. 

We offer professional property management facilities to all commercial spaces across Australia. Our operations are carried out according to the applicable regulations and standards. We take the safety of our employees and clients very seriously. 

No compromise on the quality of service is what keeps us going. Adherence to our values and motto has made us the best in our field. 

Because we take care of your facility like our own.

Core Facility Services is determined to deliver what clients expect precisely. Each professional member of the team understands the company’s vision to conduct each service with equal fidelity and standards. 

Not only our work approach is technologically updated but adheres to environmental factors as well. Our team performs each job keeping sustainability and innovation in mind. 

What Our Clients Have to Say

"Adam showed up on time, did the job quickly, and was polite and professional. Would definitely use again."
"Jon fixed some cleaning issues that I couldn't handle on my own. He was professional, courteous and worked quickly."

Expert Bank Cleaners Melbourne

Core cleaning services has the expertise and the advanced skills to efficiently and effectively clean the premises in Melbourne.

Satisfy your clients with cleanliness

Professional bank cleaning services

For us, it goes much further than cleaning in line with our dedication to providing a clean environment for our customers.

A clean bank shows reliability

One of the key offerings of a cleaning service that enhances the condition of any workplace is bank maintenance and cleaning. Financial cleaning services make sure that all branch locations are ready for business development from the first hour of the morning onward, and that the environment is tidy, c-friendly, and free of unusual scents.

Specialized Bank Cleaning Service Melbourne

Give your bank a valuable cleaning without the high cost. With the least possible inconvenience to your business, our skilled commercial cleaners can carry out an effective cleaning plan thanks to their knowledge and specialized equipment. 

We adhere to the established protocol for properly cleaning ATMs, touchpads for PINs, computers, phones, security systems, and other technology used within banks.

You may depend on our knowledgeable team of bank cleaners to complete the neighborhood’s most significant bank cleaning tasks. Our specialty is cleaning public spaces like hospitals, office, gyms, schools, and others.

It's crucial to follow an efficient cleaning strategy to reduce health and safety issues. It makes sure that germs are completely eliminated, that you don't unintentionally transmit them, and that any further hazards are kept to a minimum.

It lessens anxiety and depression. Sadly, this may then negatively impact your sleep, health, general happiness, and even fertility. In order to feel better and less worried, try to set aside some time each day to make sure that you are keeping up with the cleaning.

One of the greatest methods to prevent gastrointestinal or infectious disorders like COVID-19, the flu, and colds is to practice good personal cleanliness. Using soap to wash your hands will get rid of any bacteria that might make you sick. You may avoid infecting others with infections by practicing proper personal hygiene.

It may have an impact on worker performance, output, and health. In order to maintain strong worker morale and production levels, it is crucial to keep the workplace clean. Nobody feels motivated in an unclean atmosphere. It promotes the efficiency, health, and safety of the workforce.